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Fixed (Picture) Storm Window
Solid-frame Aluminum Custom Casement Storm Windows. These storm windows are fixed and do not open. Sometimes referred to as Custom Picture Storm Windows. This is our most economical storm window option, designed to be more energy efficient and reduce noise infiltration. Made from 3/32 Inch glass, these windows are ideal for those seeking a cost-effective solution for added insulation and protection.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are fixed picture windows?

Fixed picture windows, also known as casement storm windows, are designed to provide insulation and protection without the ability to open. They are typically used in applications where natural ventilation is not a priority, such as for soundproofing or energy efficiency.

What is the difference between fixed and picture windows?

Fixed windows, like picture windows, do not open, but they may have different styles and shapes. Picture windows are often large, stationary windows that offer unobstructed views, while fixed windows can come in various shapes and sizes, providing flexibility in design.

What are fixed storm windows used for?

Fixed windows are commonly used for improving energy efficiency, reducing noise, and adding an extra layer of protection to existing windows. They are ideal for applications where you don't need ventilation but want to enhance insulation.

Can a fixed storm window be opened?

No, fixed windows cannot be opened. They are designed to remain in a fixed, closed position to provide insulation and protection.