Custom Storm Windows With Screens Made To Your Specifications

Storm Windows present an economic opportunity to prevent energy loss through existing windows and fights noise pollution as well. These storm windows are designed to fit your specific needs and offer various glazing options, including tinted and tempered glass, as well as optional solar screens.

Common Applications of Storm Windows

  • Preserving Historic Charm: Protect and maintain the original windows in historic homes.
  • Extended Outdoor Spaces: Enjoy your enclosed porches and patios year-round with three-season use.
  • Garage and Shed Windows: Provide a practical storm window replacement solution for outdoor garages or sheds.

Our specialized storm windows are installed on the exterior of your existing windows, creating an additional barrier against harsh weather conditions and enhancing the comfort of your home. They are custom-made to your specifications and come in Mill Finish (unpainted aluminum), White, Tan, or Bronze.

Benefits of Exterior Storm Windows

  • Offset Design: The main frame features an offset design that provides extra clearance from your primary window. This design creates additional dead air space for improved insulation and easier operation of sashes.
  • ALLER-GUARD 100® with Microban® Weather Stripping: Our storm windows feature weather stripping with Microban® technology on the full perimeter of the frame. This seal ensures protection against mold, mildew, and pollen infiltration.
  • Forced-Entry Resistant Locks: Enjoy peace of mind with 'Spring Loaded' nylon sash locks that resist forced entry, providing a secure lock for all glass and screen inserts.
  • Flexible Frame: The 'Peel-type flange' allows for window frame size alterations to fit slightly out-of-square openings.
  • Mechanical Interlocks: Meeting rail, sill, and head mechanical interlocks, combined with top and bottom wind deflectors, eliminate rattles, dust, pollen, and excessive air infiltration.
  • Tubular Hollow Frames: Our storm windows feature tubular hollow frames, which provide greater strength, stability, and rigidity compared to older single-wall frame designs.
  • Thermal Break Gasket: A dual-durometer flexible gasket around the perimeter mounting flange acts as a thermal break, reducing energy transfer through the existing window.
  • Durable Finish: These storm windows come with an environmentally friendly, durable powder-coated finish for long-lasting color retention.

If you're looking for reliable and sturdy storm windows for old houses, contact us today to find the best option for your home.