Creative Uses for Storm Windows

Storm Windows are the most versatile windows on the market. Well beyond the typical use of adding efficiency and beauty by installing storm windows over existing windows, storm windows have hundreds of other applications. Over our years in the storm window business we have seem many creative uses for storm windows. Here are just a few:

  • Storm Windows used for a greenhouse enclosures.
  • Add storm windows to a screened in porch to make a winter sun room. Most of the time the windows are removed in the spring and summer.
  • Storm Windows used as the primary windows for children's playhouse.
  • Storm Windows used as the primary windows for detached garages or barns.
  • Storm Windows used in a hot tube enclosure.
  • Fixed Storm Windows used in interior solutions to create a window between two rooms in an office or between an office and a warehouse.
  • Add a hing to the top of a Fixed Storm Window to imitate an awning window.

Do you have another creative use for storm windows? If so, send us your pictures on the contact us page. We would love to share your idea with the rest of the world.