Two Track vs. Triple Track Storm Window

A triple track storm window may be the ideal solution for your home when the time comes to replace existing storm windows or get started installing some for the first time. If you are shopping for the absolute rock-bottom price, then this discussion of triple track storms may not be useful to you. But if you want both insulation value and flexibility of use, then you really need to understand how this style works in order to see how it could benefit your home.

First, a quick look at the two basic types of exterior-installed storm windows: two track storm windows and triple track storm windows. Both older homes and newer homes may already have existing storm windows that are made with two tracks or three tracks, but two track storms have been more commonly used in the past.

Two track storm windows have glass in the top portion of the outer track, and screen material on the lower portion. In the two track system, neither the glass on the top portion nor the screen on the lower portion in the outside track can move. There is one glass panes in the inside track, on the lower portion, and it has the ability to slide up. Sliding the lower glass pane up to the top of the window allows air to flow through the exterior screen to provide ventilation. Most people are familiar with the operation of two track storm windows installed in homes and apartment buildings nationwide.

But a three track storm window may not be as familiar. In a triple track system, the outermost track holds the screen, which covers the entire window. The second or middle track holds the top pane of glass. The third track or inside track holds the bottom pane of glass. Each pane of glass is in its own track allowing them to slide independently, the bottom pane can be raised as in a two track storm window, but top pane can also be lowered in a triple track storm window. This system provides more flexibility because it provides the option of letting air flow through the upper portion of the window as well as the lower portion. Homeowners using café curtains over the lower portion of a window to control light and provide privacy can still get maximum air flow by sliding down the upper glass portion of the inside window, allowing fresh air into a room.

In addition, you can reach outside to water flowers in a window box or fill a bird feeder hanging from a tree branch nearby. It is easy to see how a triple track storm window gives you much greater ability to use a window whenever desired. Homeowners who have installed storm windows with a triple track system generally prefer them over a two track system, despite the fact that the initial cost is a little higher. The enjoyment and convenience of your storm windows sliding up and down can certainly outweigh their initial cost.

Look for the best quality triple track storm windows so that your investment in storm windows will add to the value of your home as well as the quality of life in it. Fortunately, custom triple track storm windows come in a range of colors, so that means you can match your home’s exterior color scheme and enhance its over all appearance while at the same time gaining the energy efficiency you need. Custom-built aluminum storm windows will satisfy your budget, your time frame and your needs for reducing heating and cooling costs as well. They can be the ideal solution for homes with functional double-hung windows in place.